May 28, 2015

About Us

Gaby and Nick

We've been married for almost 8 years, and have lived in our current home since The Beginning.

Gabriela (please call her "Gaby") is a born nurturer; children, animals, plants... her husband!  She does most of her relaxing in the yard, tending to her garden.

Gaby has been caring for young children for over a decade, with wide-ranging experience including: caring for newborn family members; babysitting children of close friends; teaching Pre-K and Kindergarten classes in Sunday School; overseeing groups of children in other family home daycares; serving as a part-time nanny for two families; and serving as a full-time nanny for several families, for multiple years each.

Nick is a born helper; parents, siblings, church, coworkers... his wife!  He does most of his relaxing at the computer, but occasionally ventures outside to dig, cut, and hammer.  Nick works full-time in Santa Monica as a Software Engineer.

We are so excited to meet you -- give us a call or e-mail if you'd like to come for a visit, or learn more about us!