May 28, 2015


We Love Learning

Read.  Listen.  Observe.  Draw.  Stimulate.  Build.  Create.

No TV.

We have group activities and games that make learning fun and social, as well as quiet time for individual practice, study, and one-on-one instruction.  We will NEVER plop a child down in front of the TV.

Children will build a solid foundation for listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Healthy conversation, group stories, personal quiet time, take-home projects and more will help children experiment and grow as communicators.
Everything from drawing, coloring, and painting to dancing, singing, music, and sculpting -- our kids always have new, fun, and exciting opportunities to explore their creative sides!
Our children develop a powerful intuition for numbers and numerical concepts, with hands-on activities and projects that encourage quantitative thinking and teach age-appropriate mathematical techniques.
Outdoor activities such as sports, gardening, landscaping, bird-watching and more will foster love of the outdoors, respect for the environment, and fascination with natural beauty.